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What Are Finders Fees?

Finder’s Fees are basically a fee for providing a service to an individual, or company. For example, let’s look at some situations:

  • A Texas man earned $43,000 on a single business transaction. This transaction consisted of making 3 telephone calls, several emails, and about 7 hours of his time. The transaction being the closing of a scrap metal deal involving a seller in Pittsburgh, PA and a buyer in Houston, TX. Not a bad days pay!
  • A California woman collected a Finder’s Fee of $225,000 for the sale of beautiful mountain retreat in Santa Cruz, California. This transaction dealt with the sale of prime real estate that involved the seller in California and the buyer from Egypt. It took this young woman 2 telephone calls and 2 emails to close this baby.
  • A New York couple collected a Finder’s Fee of $80,000 on a single sale of precious stones from Brazil to a buyer in Reno, Nevada. The sales continued and earned this couple an average yearly income of $34,000 for the next 3 years.
  • A New Jersey man collected a Finder’s Fee of $60,000 for matching a buyer of distress computer merchandise in Louisville, KY from the seller in Santa Clara, CA. This transaction involved 2 telephone calls, 2 emails, and one letter of correspondence.
  • An Arizona woman collected a Finder’s Fee of $14,700 for locating 48,000 travel mugs in closeout merchandise. This transaction consisted of only 2 telephone calls and about 2 hours of work.

Each of these situations in which the above individuals collected money, was in Finder’s Fees. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you can make a killing in this business.

OK great! But where are these finder’s fees opportunities? How do I find them?

Walk through a shopping center, a discount store. Drive through any industrial complex; visit any dock where longshoreman is unloading cargo. Watch any office building or high-rise business structure of any type. Attend an auction. Read the classified sections of any newspaper. Research the Internet. Get listed on chat/blog sites. Excellent sites to find buyers and sellers are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Read the ads and contents of trade and business magazines in many fields. Chances are great that a finder somewhere along the line had much to do with the creation of the business momentum that you will have observed. The “Finder” reaches into every remote area of American and International business and collects his fees. The horizons are as broad as the composite whole of our American economy itself. Here are just a few examples of finders’ fee offerings:

  • Fees for finding insurance policyholders willing to convert their insurance premiums into
    tax-deductible items
  • Fees for uncovering hidden estates
  • Fees for finding buyers, sellers and traders in blocked, frozen or restricted foreign currencies
  • Fees for finding those willing to rent letters of credit
  • Fees for renting your own collateral, and having it too
  • Fees for finding big quantities of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products available for resale
  • Fees for finding sellers or buyers for any kind of production tools or equipment and earn a 5% fee for each “closed” deal
  • Fees for locating financing

Rare? Unusual? Odd? Yes! But, we have presented this small handful of way out examples merely to show you the long tentacle “reach” of the Finders’ Fee business.

You can earn tremendous fees in the “finding” business if you set it up “right,” work at it “right,” and cash-in on it “right.” The purpose of this book is to show you the way. We will tell you about the most lucrative fields, how to set up your own finder’s service, the equipment and supplies you’ll need, the know-how and where-how you’ll need.

Ready to start making some serious fees? What are you waiting for?

Let’s Get Busy!

Remington J Penman


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